Corgiyolk x Wildlife Reserves Singapore

In collaboration with Wildlife Reserves Singapore, now known as Mandai Wildlife Group, Corgiyolk created a three-part series about Corgiyolk’s top 5 favourite activities at each day park.
5 things to do in WRS
1- Corgiyolk goes to Singapore Zoo with Ah Meng, the zoo’s icon 🐵 5 things to do in Singapore Zoo
2-  Being a good boy, Corgiyolk invited Kai Kai to use the 1 for 1 deal to visit River Safari! 
5 things to do in River Safari
3-  A good doggo always shares. Using the 1 for 1 deal, Corgiyolk takes Sunny out to meet his other feathered friends at Jurong Bird Park.🐤 
5 things to do in Jurong Bird Park
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